About Us

EDDA TRADING LLC is not a financial services or product . Edda Trading is a start-up innovation designed to assist forex traders at every level automate their trading and learn how to consistently profit in the markets. We offer Infomatics Softwares Solutions, dedicated to the financial market such as forex and stock. Whether you're a seasoned trader with years of experience or a beginner who needs guidance we have options for you.

fortunately we received really satisfying and happy feedback from our customers with profits on their accounts, and this makes us more energetic and we proud of our different trading strategies, which make impressive changes in the Forex and Stock markets.

We will be happy to share more information with you.

Who Are We

EDDA TRADING is NOT an Investment Company. Our AlgoTraderFX is a software . 

We develop Forex Trading Algorithms and Indicators. We do not offer any kind of investment.

Our Mission

We introduce people to the world of currency trading and provide algo tarding bot to help them make money and become profitable traders

What We Do

We are providing Automated Trading Algorithmic in forex markets

8 years of experience trading market

AlgoTraderFx is driven by algorithms and other advanced financial technologies in automatic mode.

Trading forex