Algorithmic Trading Bot

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on the ultimate Forex trading Bot

Imagine you make money while you sleep. Our bot trades for you the forex market 24/5

How we can help you?

Our Algo trades your forex account for you by placing real time orders in the market wth preset take profit, stop loss, AND option trailing stop. Our System has customizable risk management tools so that you can trade at your comfort level with Artificial Intelligence (AI) who analyse in depth and trade the markets successfully  

Start automating in 3 easy steps

1. Open an account

Open an account with Our Broker and fund it.

2. Set up

Connected your trading account MT4 to our Bot .

3. Auto-trade

Trade automatically 24/5 while you enjoy life and make money  

You will be amazed by the results

Start your own forex business

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our algorithm conduct sophisticated analysis of fast-moving markets in a split second and makes many transactions and various operations 24/7 without human intervention it will produce opens and closes the trades automatically whenever the stipulated market factors and other trading conditions are met at their best positions

Fully Automated

Live Trading Record

System 100% secure


No need to download MT4

As a user of the AlgotraderFx platform, there is no need to download MT4 and without any settings on MT4.

Fund Security

Fund security is guaranteed with a broker that has leading regulations.

100% Financial Control

100% financial control in your hands. Free to deposit and withdraw directly from your account without our intervention.

Capital security and availability

Your money is placed with a broker in a personal account and therefore not held by us. An account number will be assigned to you so that you can check the evolution of your capital. You have unrestricted access to it and you can easily add funds and withdraw them at the best possible time.

Correlated gains and risks

Our robot’s strategies are first applied to our own funds and automatically reflected in your portfolios. You will achieve the same performance as us in both gains and losses

Trading Bot: What are the advantages?

Everybody is talking about them, but what are algo trading, and do they really work?


Although algo trading can be a full-time gig, even the most successful traders need to sleep, eat, and take care of daily chores. However, while you are off living your life, the Algo trading game does not sleep as Robot traders remain active worldwide


Recover your winnings regularly and all your funds whenever you want a fully automated system like algotrader can help you in the meantime. We like that it is trading those overnight market hours when we’re sleeping. So we wake up to fresh pips with our coffee

No skills and knowledge required

No manual intervention required from your side . Our algorithm will be mapped to your account, whenever algo triggers an order it will be replicated in your account automatically.